Private Stock No. 2


The second in the Private Stock series.  Private Stock No. 2 is all Moombahton, a dance genre created by Dave Nada of Nadastrom in order to make Swedish house more appealing to younger and not so open minded party goers.  This mix features tracks by Dave Nada, Mu-Gen, Munchi and other pioneers in the still young genre.   It’s full of remixes of familiar tracks you guys love, enjoy!

Download Private Stock No.2

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Private Stock No. 1

Kicking off the new year, I bring to you Private Stock.  The first being Private Stock No.1 a mix of the finest dance music around, featuring Klever, Kill The Noise, A-trak Designer Drugs and more.  It will release Friday January 14th @ 7p.m. Follow me on Twitter (@SVNTHLTTR) or check here for the download link at release time.

Here you go SVNTHLTTR’s Private Stock No.1